Sunday, July 1, 2007

i'm a blog slacker

always have been. i do so much reading of everyone elses then i forget to update my own. silly me. here is all the junk i've been working one or finished.

I tried my hand at knitting, i taught myself in few days. i liked it at first. i almost finish what i was going to make a scarf. Then i got bored and went back to my fantastic hook'n. I don't think i'll leave crochet again. not the best pic though. really blurry

I got this loverly monkey from peggytoes at Crochetville my favorite place to visit everyday. I colored in the monkey and added my own words. i use it as my email siggy. It super fantastic so is all her other art

The way all the pix showed up is most recent to oldest

I was bored one nite at 2am. (i'm an insomniac) i had some left over brown, and was like hmm what can i make. why not some coffee. i got the pattern here Free Patterns « BitterSweet and so many more i want to make. makes me hungry, yum

I started making these tiny granny's for a baby boy's blanket. Then i relized I HATE joining squares. So i'm sending them to someone someone at the Ville and she will assemble them and donate them for me. everyone at the ville is so great

This isn't crochet, but i used yarn to make it. Its a nursing necklace for my SIL and my nephew Luke to play w/while nursing. Not that cute but very atractive to the baby.

This is a hat modeled by my son max, I tested pattern for yarnmonkey at the Ville. I love the pattern. I made two, one for my oldest son Bobby, they can't wait till winter and can use them

This is a WIP is a wedding gift for my best friend and his new wife. I started on it before the wedding then my sons lost the cream yarn so got put on hold. june was june 11th. but i plan to have it finished by their 1 month anniversary. I promise. working hard on it everyday.

Once again i was bored in middle of night. I wanted to try my hand at felting. i didnt' have much wool left so its tiny purse my kids use. I didn't use any pattern, just started making something. Still needed to be felted few more times but the kids took it over already. oh well.

This is my first baby hat and booties i made. I love them. I sent them to my online friend beth who is due in sept. she loved them. Can't wait to send pix of the baby wearing them. i got the patterns here SLK Designs - SLK Baby Booties

This is my first attempt at Ferret. omg it looks like arther the ardvark from WHYY. i have no clue where i went wrong. This was a paid pattern. I'll attempt to make it again. when i have more time to read right. lol Bobby loves him anyway

I really love to make edges on socks. I have made few pairs for kaylee and given the rest away to friends and family. I haven't made any in while. using thread makes my forearm hurt for weeks.

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momofcolin_chloe said...

Kimmie, Kaylee and your boys are so sweet. She has the cutest little face. Just wanted to drop in and say "hi!" I got your blog link from the Goldenhar support group. My son, Colin, is 7 and has GHS. I also have a daughter, Chloe, who looks just about Kaylee's age. I love the coffee mug! so cool.